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Issue and list your own token with SDAT Exchange


Every token has its own story and mission.

It enables creative ideas and innovative business models to work, grows ecosystems, and rejuvenates supply chains.

Using blockchain as a tool, the journey starts with having your own token, named by you and defined by you.

Let us assist you in jumpstarting your tokenomics journey we make token issuance simple, fast and cost-effective for you.

Start a new era of digital economy where you master your own business model transformation!

Why choose SDAT Exchange?

  • One Stop Service

    From token issuance, PR/ads, community promotions, exchange listing, implementing your own co-chain blockchain, to developing DAPP platform, we are one of the only organizations on this planet that can provide you with one single contact window to get all of the work done.

  • Community Promotions

    With a fast growing exposure base of hundreds of thousands crypto asset enthusiasts, we get your project in front of new sponsors all over the world.

  • Professional Project Gallery

    Our members will get to see your projects professionally presented on our exchange with clear tokenomics models that members can easily understand and appreciate the values of your project.

  • Global Media Footprint

    Get your project promoted through professional media partners across Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North and Latin America.

  • SDAT Member Community

    SDAT members are actively seeking to sponsor great projects through private placement. We get you in front of sponsors that want you to succeed.

  • Exclusive Interviews

    We provide interview opportunities for you to discuss your tokenomics and business models that highlight your key strengths and unique value propositions.

DIYO Trends

Do-It-Yourself-Offering, is a phrase coined by SDChain to define a new era of tokenomics.

All decentralized exchanges operating on SDChain can take advantage of sharing trading depths across the entire network, ensuring proper liquidity for order matching.

Real-world businesses already have their business advantages, distribution channels for goods and services and customers making them most suitable to increase their bottom-line through tokenomics.

Combining the cost-effective DEXs that collaborate to share trading depths, with real-world tokenized businesses that incentivize growing loyal customers and vendors, DIYO is born to bring collaborative spirit into organizations.

Companies issue and list their own tokens
with a decentralized exchange (DEX).

Is DIYO suitable for you?

  • Having solid operating history:
    Proven products and services with market adoption.

  • Increasing revenues through tokenomics:
    Effectively increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.

  • Increasing cashflows:
    Convenience for cross-border and supply-chain financing transactions.

  • Applying blockchain to share immutable data:
    Increasing customer and vendor trust and engagement.

Why issue tokens on SDChain?

  • Fast: 3 - 5 second transaction confirmation.
  • Low-Cost Transaction Fee: 1 ten-thousandth SDA per transaction.
  • Global standard: based on globally adopted ISO IoT-Six Domain Model
  • Access to global airdrop marketing and project broadcast platform with SDAT-FREE community
  • Access to integrated Supply Line crowdfunding platform
  • Fully secure token - save costs on paying $50K USD+ to certify your token’s smart contract for exchange listing
  • Access to SDAT Members’ pre-listing Private Placement fundraising platform (coming soon!)

Start your DIYO journey with token issuance
Easy 3 steps

Fill out the token application form below.

Send us your SDAT Exchange wallet address to receive your tokens.

Apply to be listed on SDAT Exchange!

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