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Why invest in blockchain and digital economy?

Blockchain is part of the 4th wave of industrial revolution, that can enhance productivity in nearly all industries.

Investors worldwide are increasing their portfolio allocation in this high-growth technology sector. There are great opportunities as well as high risks.

Join us at SDAT Alliance, to learn and participate in blockchain investment opportunities.

Exchange processExchange USDT for SUSDT

By upgrading to become a SDAT Memberyou will have more investment interests

Our MissionWhy become an SDAT Member?

  • Guide traditional VCPE institutions and high net worth individuals into the blockchain industry.
  • With on-chain trades, the decentralized exchange orderbook is fully transparent, protecting investors' interests.
  • SDAT Members can bring projects to rest of the Alliance, allowing co-investment on SDAT's exclusive member-only platform.
  • SDAT builds an orderly private placement process, utilizing SDAT token as the medium to fairly disseminate investment quota to members and allow members to have appropriate access to roadshows and due diligence.

Fair Membership Privileges

SDAT Membership Price

Price / USDT

  • SDAT Membership PricePrice/USDT
  • First Round 0.05
  • Second Round0.08
  • Third Round0.12
  • Fourth Round0.16
  • DIYO Exchange Listing0.20
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