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Real world utility values

Token values derive from real-world utilty. SDAT Exchange aims to work with great companies to exhibit their untapped tokenized values to SDAT Members, and allow both groups to join forces in the upcoming digital economy revolution.

Project Introduction

  • SDAT

    SDAT is a membership token issued on SDAT Exchange, building an orderly private placement guideline among members, including private placement quota allocation, due diligence period, and more benefits to be seen on the SDAT membership platform.

    With SDAT membership, each member is grouped into their associated level with access to roadshows to discuss with new project teams; the network also automatically utilizes the blockchain info from each member’s SDAT tokens held, to fairly allocate private placement quota.

    SDAT members will also be able to provide projects to the rest of the SDAT membership, for due diligence and sponsorship consideration.

    SDAT Platform
Total Supply2 Billion Project PhasePhase 2 Under Development
  • Token Utility

    SDAT Exchange membership tokens fairly represent each member's privileges for pre-listing private placement quota and due diligence period.

    Other key platform benefits are being planned for future roll-out. The more SDAT tokens you have, the more privileges you receive.

  • To Participate

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